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Self Defense Program with Little Sprigs Learning Group

  • When: Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Location: Al Lopez Park, 4810 N Himes Ave Tampa, FL 33614
  • Cost: $6/child

Welcome to an introduction to showing our children how to protect themselves in the world around us. The reality is, any scenario can become dangerous in many ways. It's never a bad idea to have plans on how to handle different types of emergency situations, especially when kids are involved.
One particular way to prepare and acknowledge the real world is with knowing how to protect one's personal space. What do you teach your kid to do in a case where they need to physically protect themselves?
Whether it be from a bully on the playground, an adult that is trying to harm them, or any other instances where knowledge on maneuvering a physical threat becomes handy, Little Sprigs has developed a program to help you show your kid what to do in situations involving stopping someone or something from hurting them.
Here is a look into the concepts we will learn about in our three week introduction to self defense program. The self defense training portion of the event will range from 30-45 minutes, give or take depending on how long the kids can hold attention.
Self Defense: protecting yourself against a physical threat
When do you defend yourself? Answer: when someone tries to harm you.
How do you defend yourself? A: With controlled self defense moves learned and practiced in a safe setting in preparation for the need to defend one's self in real world scenarios.
Martial Arts: various types of combat or self defense moves and techniques ex. Jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, tai chi, muy tai
Karate: form of hand to hand combat or self defense using hands and feet. Often practiced bare foot.
Taekwondo: type of Korean martial art similar to karate. Extensive use of kicks is common in this study of self defense.

Week 1:
-will understand the importance of stretching for all forms of exercise warm up
-children will learn basic Korean terminology applying to karate, including how to count to 10 in this language
-children will learn 2-4 basic taekwondo hand punches: jabs, hook, upper cut
-children will learn 2-4 basic taekwondo kicks: front, round, hook, side
Week 2: Picking up from week one with some repetition.
-incorporate ab work, basic intermediate warm up exercises
-children will learn coordinated self defense move combinations using week one's learned taekwondo punches and kicks
-children will learn to advance their kicking technique by learning how to add a slide motion with their kicks
Week 3: Advanced work building up on week one and two.
-children will learn additional taekwondo kicks: axe kick, horse kick
-children will be introduced to advanced taekwondo kicks: jump kicks, spinning kicks, flying kicks
*Families can join any week during the program. Please note which week(s) you are registering for. Parents are welcome to participate in the self defense training.

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